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West Sumatra Tourism | Objek Wisata Sumatra Barat

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West Sumatra has a variety of areas and tourist attractions, both natural and historical tourist attractions, among which very often visited are as follows

1. Lake Singkarak
Lake Singkarak is the largest lake in West Sumatra with a length of 21 km is situated on the edge of the highway Padang Panjang - Solok. Around the lake there are several places to rest and relax and also a variety of facilities available canoe, boat and hotel. There are also facilities for around the lake with beautiful scenery.


2. Lake Maninjau
Maninjau Lake is a lake which is quite beautiful and interesting which is located approximately 36 miles from the city of Bukittinggi, can be reached by passing through the winding road known as the winding 44 (winding-Ampek Ampek). Facilities available in this lake for swimming, fishing, water bikes are quite exciting and there are also hotels and homestays are quite representative.


3. On lakes and Under
Both lakes are known as Twin Lakes. Both lakes are situated in the village of Simpang Market, District Lembayang Jaya, Kab. Solok, is approximately 47 km from the town of Solok and 56 km from the city of Padang. The uniqueness of the twin lakes is to get to Lake In the above, we have to go through a declining path while to get to Lake Below, we have to go through the climbing path. In the vicinity of the lake is planted with a passion fruit flavor sweet, vegetables, and potatoes.

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4. Jam Gadang (Clock Tower )
Jam gadang is a building that towers majestically towering, distinctive Minangkabau roof, situated in the center of Bukittinggi. Clock Tower is a landmark and symbol of the town of Bukittinggi, built on a hill called the Mount Enclosure Buffalo at the time of the Dutch Government in 1827 by Contraleur (City Secretary) Rook Maker.From the top of the tower we can enjoy and see how beautiful nature around the town of Bukittinggi is decorated Mount Merapi, Mount Singgalang, Mount Sago and Sianok canyon. In addition, the Clock Tower is also useful as a guide for communities to know the time. It is unique in the Clock Tower is the number 4 written IIII.


5. De Kock fortress
This fort was built in pincak in the town of Bukittinggi in 1825 at the time of the uprising led by the Tuanku Imam Bonjol and Nan Salapan Tigers against the Dutch. Around the fort is still able to take a look at an ancient cannon of the nineteenth century AD period. This spacious place has been decorated with a garden as a place to watch altitude, Sianok canyon and surrounding hills are ancient cannons and fort building. This is the best place in London watching the Sunset.



6. Tri Arga House / Bung Hatta Palace
The building is located in the town of Bukittinggi is the first emergency rule is central to the Republic of Indonesia in 1947. This is caused by the aggression of the Dutch want to divide our nation. To commemorate the services of Bung Hatta, the building was renamed Tri Arga with Bung Hatta Palace.



7. Tunnel (Cave) Japan
The tunnel is 1,400 meters in length over the winding is made by Japanese soldiers during the period of 1942, is located in the middle of the park in the Gorge Sianok panorama below the town of Bukittinggi, with a width of over 2 meters. Inside the cave there are different needs for office space, hospitals, food and weapons. The entrance to the cave there are some places, like in the canyon Sianok, in Panorama, in addition to Bung Hatta Palace and Zoo in Bukittinggi. The local people called this is a Japanese hole.



8. Gorges Sianok
Sianok canyon located in the center town of Bukittinggi, stretching from the South Tower Nagari Koto continue to the North, Nagari Sianok Six Tribes and ends at Palupuh with a length of 15 km, the depth of 100 meters and 200 meters wide. Quiet Sianok canyon or valley is a beautiful valley, green and lush, didasarnya flows a tributary winding crevices browse the colorful cliffs with a backdrop of Mount Merapi and the verdant Singgalang is a fascinating nature.

The uniqueness is easily accessible canyon, a canyon in the center of town that does not exist in other cities in the world. The natural beauty of the enchanting canyon Sianok always perpetuated by tourists to take photographs as well as for the painter's imagination. Surf trip through the canyon trail in the valley is an attractive recreation, when the journey continues Gorges other side within 45 minutes you will arrive at Nagari Nagari Koto Gadang as the origin of some of the leaders of Indonesia, among others: H. Agus Salim and Salim.

9. Anai Valley
Anai Valley environment is admirable. Dense tropical forest is impressive and is a protected forest. Didasarnya Batang Anai river flows with the water is clear and visible a 40-meter high waterfall close to the highway.

10. Anai Resort Golf Course
Anai Resort is located 550 m above sea level. Is the best Golf Course in West Sumatra International status with 18 holes, designed by International Golf Course Designer Thomas and Perrett. Various facilities are on site bungalows like a natural pool and restaurant.

11. Beautiful Grotto
Two miles before entering the town from the direction Bukitinggi Payakumbuh we'll get to a natural cave with stalagnit and stalagmites on the cave ceiling is quite interesting. In this cave we will hear the sound of bats flying around us and feel without being able to see it. Outside the cave we will enjoy a park with trees that shade adds to the coolness and the beauty of nature.

12. The palace Pagaruyung

The palace was built by the royal family in Batusangkar Pagaruyung having characteristic Minangkabau. Inside the palace there are relics of the kingdom that is still well maintained. Around this palace we can enjoy the natural beauty with the cool air. Golden Horn is located in District Tanah Datar.Pagaruyung is the location of the residence of the King of Minangkabau as a center of government. Now the house gadang that there is a replica of the original palace with paintings on the outside walls and roofs that rose-shaped buffalo horn.

13. Valley Harau
Is a nature reserve with a steep limestone hill with a height of 100 to 150 m, located 14 km from Payakumbuh. Here also encountered five waterfalls that pour out the water is always crystal clear. In this place for camping facilities are also available for tours and activities surrounding the adolescent nature reserve through the path. Planned nature reserve will be the first wildlife park outside Java.

14. Clever Sikek
Clever Sikek known as a regional center of the craft of carving and songket woven fabrics. Sikek clever lies at the foot of Mount Singgalang about 10 km before entering the town of Bukittinggi with beautiful scenery. Here we can also see a society that traditionally farmed. The village has 1000 looms fruit. Wood painting and home furnishings are also made here.

15. Island Sikuai
Sikuai Island, one of the island located on the western side of Sumatra island lies only about half a nautical mile from the town of Padang and can be achieved using a special transport ship and takes about 35 minutes leaving from the dock airud Bungus. Visitors can stay at the hotel island resort is equipped with two star hotel facilities. This resort offers 21 cottages with a capacity of fruit about 45 rooms. Besides enjoying the beauty of the beaches and marine tourism, trekking around the island or explore the natural forests to rock climbing can also be done by the visitors who love nature adventure.

16. Bukit Langkisau
Langkisau hill has a height of 1,000 feet which is located between the Village and Town Painan Salido-South Coast. In addition to enjoying spectacular views out to sea, Langkisau hill area is also used as a means of sport kite flying with landing site at the beach or beach Carocok Salido.

17. Island Cubadak
Cubadak Island is one of the islands in the region Mandeh - South Coast who has managed to be an international attraction by investors from Italy. The resort has 13 bungalows and one suite with natural architecture that is supported by some means of support for the activities of diving, fishing, and snorkeling. The resort is also equipped with a motor boat, dock and several other marine facilities.

18. Root Bridge South Coast
Located about 30 minutes from Painan, Root Bridge is one of the most unique attractions in West Sumatra. The bridge crosses the river of life that this shadow is made of two bohon banyan roots interlocked. In contrast to the bridge in general is growing weaker, the root bridge with increasing age banyan tree growing stronger. It is said that this bridge was designed by a scholar named Pakih Sokan in the early 1900's.

19. Surfing and Beach tourism in the Mentawai
Mentawai Islands regency capital of Old Pejat - Sipora located approximately 135 km from the city of Padang can be reached by sea to take between 6-10 hours. In addition to have the beautiful beach with white sand, nautical activities or tourism attractions is the famous surfing activities (surfing) that can be done around the island of Siberut and Sipora. Accommodations for visitors are in some city districts and subdistricts.

20. Pariangan village in Tanah Datar
Is the oldest village in the Minangkabau, which sourced the ancestors of the Minangkabau, situated on the edge of Mount Merapi dilereng highway Padang Panjang - Batusangkar. In this village can be seen the origin of the traditional village that reflects the Minangkabau social life such as Hall, mosques, traditional house, rice barn which is an essential element of a social group of the Minangkabau. There is a hot water bath, and some historical relics seoperti basurek stone, the grave according to the length of the story is grave Dt. Tantejo Gurhano Minangkabau traditional house architect.


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